Informational, Emotional, and Physical Support for your growing family during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.



-Free initial consultation             

-2 Prenatal visits to assist in formulating a birth plan/preferences

-Lending Library and unlimited phone/text/email support

-On call time 38 weeks-birth

-Labor support when you need it: comfort measures, positions, massage, acupressure, and partner support

-Rebozo loan out and overview

-Backup coverage from Collective

-Assistance with the first feeding

-Postpartum visit (typically within the first week)




*Rates will be raising to $800 in 2017


Add Ons:

-Benkung Belly Binding

-Meal Prep

-Postpartum Doula Services

-Blessingway planning

Why Hire A Doula?

-Positive Birthing Experience for both parents

-Empowered and involved partners with increased satisfaction, Improved Breastfeeding rates, Decreased postpartum depression


-Less Likely to have Interventions or Augmented Labor

-Shorter labors, Reductions in Cesarean rates, Reductions in Pitocin use, Reductions in assisted deliveries

-Less Likely to Use Pain Medication

-Less epidural and pain medication requests